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Breakthrough to Business Development Workshop               

Week One

Nuts and Bolts First!
Without communicating the cultural and financial advantages of your broker-dealer to a prospect up-front, it is almost impossible to build a relationship.  We discuss the firms’ value proposition and specific ways to differentiate them from competing firms.

Elevator Speech
How does a recruiter introduce his/her firm to prospects?  The first 30 seconds will make or break the opportunity to catch an advisor’s attention.  Key inclusions and how to polish the introduction are thoroughly addressed.

Building a Robust Pipeline
Understanding building a pipeline doesn’t occur overnight, we dissect recruiters’ current sources of leads, utilizing an activity matrix and offer suggestions to expand and purify new sources.

30 Point System
While recruiting can be a grind at times, developing solid, dependable habits, even creating a little competition with fellow colleagues can enrich a team’s productivity.  We suggest implementing an accountability system to motivate teams to reach new heights.

Recruiting Enterprises
An often, overlooked source of prospects can give recruiters a great advantage.  Expanding your offerings by teaming up with enterprises can create a huge opportunity.

Third-party Recruiters
Why ignore a source that has ‘teamwork’ written all over it?  Forming relationships with third-party recruiters can quickly multiply prospect origination and solidify long-term strategies between firms.

Working Remotely
Balancing the advantages and responsibilities of working remotely is critical to reaching an individual’s recruiting goals.  Implementing concrete work schedules and communicating these with family builds the foundation for a positive and productive environment.

The importance of a solid reputation in our industry can never be overstated.  Negative attitudes, questionable behavior and controversial communication can sink a career in no time.  Hard and fast guidelines are discussed to simplify business life and build on one’s reputation.

Week Two

Approach Toward Prospects
Does the recruiter’s actions give a prospect comfort and confidence to work with them?  The expectations an advisor has for recruiters are discussed as well as how recruiters can set the advisor’s mind at ease.  How you build a solid relationship and strengthen the faith a prospect has in you are critical.

Overcoming Objections
Anticipating an advisor’s objection can help avoid confrontation and even build confidence in a recruiter’s approach.  Role playing can also prepare recruiters to handle difficult situations.

Week Three

Competitive Landscape
Without knowing your competition it is difficult, if not impossible to excel in our industry.  We work to identify recruiters’ competition, dissect their strengths and weaknesses and shore up what may be missing in recruiters’ approach.

The Right Business
Striving to close as much business as possible is no easy feat, however, chasing business that was never really there to begin with can absorb all your productive time.  Here, we work to identify factors that conflict with positive progress in recruiting.

Red Flags
While recruiters want to close all prospects they work to attain, recognizing specific anomalies sooner rather than later can help recruiters delve deeper to avoid an imperfect fit.

Inter-Department Collaboration
Understanding the roles each department performs and their importance to successful growth can strengthen the overall team’s success.

Week Four

Presentation of Deal Structure
While it is one of the most important aspects of the recruiter-advisor interaction, it should not include any surprises.  When and where to make the offer and specific tactics to countering are key tools to have at your disposal.

Measuring your Own Success
A recruiter’s personal goal versus the company’s should be separated.  Reflection on production wins and losses and establishing revised strategies set the stage for improved future production.

Reward Yourself
After a dedicated period of work, it is important to take some time away from the business to relax and recuperate.  Designate rewards up front and stick to it, for both the recruiter and his/her family.