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Placement Services

Financial Advisor Placement

Having placed hundreds if not thousands of advisors throughout our careers, we at Trusted Visions have a deep understanding that each and every advisor we work with has a unique practice.  We have a systematic approach to finding the right broker-dealer partner for you and your practice.

We begin with an introductory call with you and your staff to better understand your practice, clientele and what has made you unhappy with your current broker-dealer.  We dig deep to uncover your current pricing, payout and fees you pay with your firm and what you are looking for out of your next broker-dealer.  Once the introductory call is complete, Trusted Visions will begin having calls with the broker-dealers we have established relationships with on a confidential basis to get an idea of what each firm is able to offer you.  Once completed, we discuss each potential partner with you in order to narrow your search down to 3-4 firms that fit or exceed your needs.

We then set-up introductory calls with each firm.  We participate on the calls as well to ensure your questions are thoroughly answered. Once completed, we highly recommend you visit the few firms isolated in order to better understand their culture.  Most importantly, you will meet directly with the leadership of each firm.

If you are a recruiting enterprise or branch manager, Trusted Visions can assist you as well.  We have found that, too often other firms want to collect a monthly retainer from you in order to send you unqualified prospects.  Many times, they will not take the time to understand your true value proposition.

Throughout my career, I have found every enterprise or branch manager wants to recruit, but they do not have staff to take a fully transparent approach in understanding your value proposition, pricing, and payout grid.  Often times, your payout grid is not competitive in the marketplace and therefore, you will see little success in recruiting.

We have unique programs to assist you with recruiting to your branch and also take the time to discuss unique solutions we see working with successful recruiting enterprises and branch managers.