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Why use Trusted Visions in my broker-dealer search:

Searching for a new broker-dealer while running a successful practice can be a job in itself.   It takes valuable time away from your primary focus; your clients.

Working with Trusted Vision can eliminate the wasted time of you speaking with firms that don’t fit, in terms of culture, product mix, payout, or pricing for your practice.

Our services come at no cost to you!  We utilize our industry experience to get you in front of the firms that fit your and your clients’ needs. We act as your financial services agent and work tirelessly to find you the best broker-dealer fit along with the best possible payout and transition package.

How Does Trusted Visions process work:

We begin with an introductory call with you and your staff to understand the needs of your practice and why you are currently seeking a new broker-dealer partner.  Once we complete the introductory call, our work truly begins.  We then begin having in-depth conversations with broker-dealer partners we feel are the best fit for you and your practice.  Once we have completed our due diligence, we come back to you to discuss the various broker-dealer offerings and why we feel that these firms are the best fit for you and your practice.

We then will have conference calls with a select list of broker-dealers to discuss items such as, payouts, pricing, culture, and technology demos so that you can better understand the strengths of each broker-dealer.  We will suggest that once we have narrowed your search down to 3-4 firms, you visit each firm to meet with leadership and get a stronger understanding of their culture.

Once those visits are complete. we have an in-depth discussion to review your options and provide you with the firm we feel is best suited for you and your practice.  Once the  broker-dealer decision is made, we introduce you to the transition team of the firm to begin planning your transition and target date for affiliation.

What broker-dealers do Trusted Visions work with:

Trusted Visions does not have agreements with every broker-dealer in our industry. With 70 years combined experience, we have carefully and methodically established relationships with the very best broker-dealers in the industry. It is with these firms we feel confident and will partner with in the long-term.

We have established relationships with the top tier broker-dealers in the industry that we foresee being in the business for a very long time and who do not just see you or your practice as simply a number.

Why should I consider working with Trusted Visions:

There are many good 3rd party recruiting and consulting firms in our industry, of which I personally know many. I have also worked with them in the past. Trusted Visions is a firm that I can ensure you will be the most responsive to your questions and your needs. Throughout my career, I have never placed an advisor just for the sake of earning a paycheck.  There are times we will tell you that your current firm is your best option.

We work with the highest level of integrity and ethics and try feverishly to overcome the misconception that recruiters are only trying to get the sale. I have established close personal relationships with each and every advisor I have worked with over the years.  We take pride in the fact that you are trusting you and your clients’ livelihoods in our hands when working with us. 

We strive to provide you with the best understanding of the competitive landscape and leave no rock unturned when exploring your options with you.

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