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Business Development Transformation

Our Pledge

Based on a thorough evaluation of your department’s value proposition, strengths, weaknesses, limitations and structure, we pledge to thoroughly analyze, evaluate and present an honest, outside perspective with detailed recommendations for improvements.

Our Goal

  1. Notably increase your monthly GDC increase
  2. Strengthen recruiting efforts to encourage competition and teamwork
  3. Ensure department structure is fortified with a positive, cohesive climate
  4. Encourage focused attention to detail throughout all department activities
  5. Confirm value proposition is competitive and reinforced throughout all recruiting efforts

Why Trusted Visions?



Executives with Trusted Visions bring a combined 100+ years of experience in the financial services industry to the table.  Each of our leaders is well respected in their field of expertise, which ranges from wirehouse to the independent side, with both large and small firms.  We are well versed in the financial institution setting, insurance as well as the RIA space.


Our professionals, not only perform at the highest levels, all have impeccable integrity and are committed to the success of your firm.  While an honest evaluation from Trusted Visions may not appeal to everyone within your organization, we refuse to compromise our objective opinions, just to make political points.

While this not an assignment to be turned into Trusted Visions, we highly recommend you review the following evaluation prior to contracting us for consulting services.


What is the current structure or hierarchy of your Business Developent Department?  Who reports to whom?


  • Executive VP Business Development
  • Recruiting Manager
  • Recruiters
  • Home office visit coordinator
  • Transition coordinator


Rank in priority your most important considerations for growth.














Increase in monthly/annual GDC

Increase in advisor count

Increase in number of recruiters

Focus on reruiting large OSJs

Improved communication amongst the team

Provide more favorable payouts and pricing

Better defined value proposition

Improved responses for overcoming objections

Overall effort among recruiting team members

Higher negotiated transition assistance for advisors


What is the most pressing need in your department?

Where does your department struggle in its efforts to grow?


  • Lack of communication amongst team members
  • Outdated technology
  • Lack of cohesive teamwork environment
  • Weak value proposition
  • Less than admirable effort from team

Our Consultation Process

Introductory Phone Call

Our initial conversation begins with a 30 minute to hour long candid overview of your organization, its history, culture, philosophy and management style.  Not only do we want to know your problem areas, we would like to know what makes your organization “tick”.

Afterward, we get dive into the broader realm of concerns you have and allow you to share specific areas that are troubling you.

Finally, we schedule a second call for a later date, while we delve into research mode to generate a game plan.

Strategy Session

After receiving a thorough overview of your organizations structure, culture and areas of concern, our team of executives gather to share insights into successful companies that have successfully navigated similar challenges in the past.

We compare notes and carefully structure a strategy of multiple corrective measures that can be implemented.

A blueprint is developed to outline and address each area of concern as well as action items necessary to correct the concern.  The entire plan is documented in detail.


Executive Overview

A second call is scheduled to share the findings of Trusted Visions.  First, the overall concept of correction is reviewed, followed by our executive team’s recommendations. 

Often, we suggest a conference call to department heads to detail every action item and how they will affect their teams.

Should executive management prefer, Trusted Visions can arrange travel for face-to-face meetings with managers to better detail action items and how to present them to staff.



With manager contact information on hand, Trusted Visions remains in constant contact to guide in the implementation of suggested corrective measures.  We are always available when necessary and can make suggestions for alternate methods of change.