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When is the right time to change broker-dealers?

Having been in the financial services industry and business development division for nearly 20-years, I have witnessed more and more consolidations each and every year, over the last 7-10 years.  You must protect your practice, livelihood, and your clients’ assets regardless of the decisions your broker-dealer makes.  Do not be forced to adapt to the changes they make, but decide what is best and what makes sense for YOUR practice.  Don’t be caught in a position where you either have little time to make a broker-dealer change, or you have to transition to the new buyer of your broker-dealer.  You may have to consider moving again.

Are you prepared for consolidation?

Always have a Plan B in place:
This doesn’t mean that you are making a broker-dealer change, but should changes occur with your current broker-dealer….

Look for changes within your broker-dealer:
Recognize these signs to determine if your broker-dealer is potentially the target of being acquired.  The first, and the most obvious…

Carefully evaluate your current BD’s recruiting success and transition packages:
This may seem just the opposite of what you think would be the case with your broker-dealer.  Look at the success they are having with recruiting.  Has there been a ….

How is the ownership structure aligned?
What is the current ownership structure of your broker-dealer?  If your broker-dealer is currently owned by Private Equity, there is no doubt they are going to….

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"Top 5 things to ensure you are prepared for consolidation"