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Recently, I had a phone conversation that was a prime example of what sets Trusted Visions apart from many other 3rd party recruiting firms.  We had a conference call with an OSJ and a prospect that had already been introduced to the OSJ’s broker-dealer.  When talking him through the onboarding process, he mentioned he had conversations with this recruiting firm since July about this broker-dealer and not until today, visiting with us was he even given the payouts and pricing of that broker-dealer!

To those 3rd party recruiting firms, don’t just throw an advisors name out to multiple BD’s and skip doing the consultative work.  How can he make the best decision possible without the critical details?

This is one of the many examples that truly sets Trusted Visions apart.  We take the time to, not just list broker-dealer’s payouts and pricing, but to learn what makes your operation successful.  What are your frustrations?  What type of business are you focused on?  What strengths, from a new broker-dealer partner will you need to capitalize on to meet your growth goals?  I promise, with Trusted Visions, you are not just another commission check!  Don’t let this happen to you.

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