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Just in case you have been buried in the everyday busyness that our industry creates, we just wanted to share some important news.  Trusted Visions takes another step toward solidifying their foothold in the 3rd party recruiting field.

After adding an 18-year veteran recruiter to their team, Trusted Visions now hosts a valuable weekly podcast to effectively communicate critical elements to consider when advisors are looking to make a broker-dealer change.  President and CEO Jeremy Belfiore said that it is important to relay as much information as possible to prospective clients in order to make sure they are comfortable taking their next steps.

“Whether they secure the services of Trusted Visions or not, I feel it’s my responsibility to open as many resources as possible to advisors so they can truly make an informed decision.”  Jeremy adds that Trusted Visions’ hands-on approach is second to none in the industry.  “Our close involvement with both the transitioning advisor and their new broker-dealer partner is not just an added fluff to show-off, we feel it is critical to solidifying a new, long-term relationship.  Our reputation is on the line with each transition.  We try to make sure that reputation is enhanced with every new client we place.”

Check out our weekly podcast and give us a call should you be considering changing broker-dealers!